Curriculum Vitae


Evgeniya S. Yantsen

M.Sc. in Physical Chemistry

Research Interests

    • Cellular and tissue biology with the use of biochemical, histochemical and immunohistochemical methods of analysis, Nanotechnology, Laser Hyperthermia Therapy


Degree work (Thesis)

    • Title: Changes in Proteoglycan Subsystem of Cartilage as a Result of Infrared-Laser Treatment

Academic Employment

Journal Publications (in English)

    1. B. Wang, E. Yantsen, T. Larson, A.B. Karpiouk, J.L. Su, K. Sokolov, S.Y. Emelianov. Plasmonic Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging for Detection of Macrophages in Atherosclerotic Plaques. Nano Letters Article ASAP, DOI: 10.1021/nl801852e, 2008.

    2. E.S. Yantsen, N.Yu. Ignatieva, S.V. Averkiev, A.B. Shekhter, V.V. Lunin, E.N. Sobol. Changes in Proteoglycan Subsystem of Cartilage as a Result of Infrared-Laser Treatment. Laser Physics 15(12):1660-1663, 2005.

    3. E.S. Yantsen, T.B. Krasieva, C.-H. Sun, B.J.F. Wong, E.N. Sobol. Laser Scanning Confocal Microscopy of Chondrocytes in an Alginate Matrix. Dynamics of Cartilage Matrix Formation. Laser Physics 15(11):1585-1586, 2005.

    4. N.Yu. Ignat'eva, E.N. Sobol, S.V. Averkiev, V.V. Lunin, T.E. Grokhovskaya, V.N. Bagratashvili, E.S. Yantsen. Thermal Stability of Collagen II in Cartilage. Doklady Biochemistry and Biophysics 395:96-98, 2004.

Conference Proceedings (in English)

    1. S. Emelianov, B. Wang, J. Su, A. Karpiouk, E. Yantsen, K. Sokolov, J. Amirian, R. Smalling, S. Sethuraman. Intravascular ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging. Proc. of the 30th IEEE EMBS Annual International Conference pp.2-5, 2008.

    2. S. Mallidi, E. Yantsen, T. Larson, K. Sokolov, S. Emelianov. Molecular specific photoacoustic imaging with plasmonic nanosensors. Proc. SPIE 6856:161-167, 2008.

    3. M. Mehrmohammadi, J. Oh, L. Ma, E. Yantsen, T. Larson, S. Mallidi, S.Park, K.P. Johnston, K. Sokolov, T. Milner, S. Emelianov. Imaging of Iron Oxide Nanoparticles Using Magneto-Motive Ultrasound. Proc. of the 2007 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium pp.652-655, 2007.

    4. B. Wang, E. Yantsen, T. Larson, S. Sethuraman, K. Sokolov, S. Emelianov. Intravascular Photoacoustic Imaging with Gold Nanoparticles. Proc. of the 2007 IEEE International Ultrasonics Symposium pp.848-851, 2007.

Research Experience

    1. Advanced with animal tissue and cell studies;

    2. Advanced with conventional microscopy (including fluorescent microscopy) and confocal microscopy;

    3. Advanced with histology and histochemistry techniques;

    4. Advanced with immunohistochemistry;

    5. Advanced with physical and general chemistry.

Citizenship: Russia

©2009 Evgeniya S. Yantsen

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