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Command-line reference for Windows XP: makeall.bat

Subject: demonstrate the alternative of Makefile for Windows XP (for multiple compilations).

Usage: create make.bat and makeall.bat and run them in folder with *.cpp files to compile
(using cmd.exe in Windows XP and M$ Visual Studio 2005 (M$ VC 8.0)):
cmd> makeall.bat
:: ------- the start of makeall.bat -------
@echo off

:: Author: Stepan A. Baranov (
:: web-site:

@for %%A in (*.cpp) do make %%A
:: ------- the end of makeall.bat -------

:: ------- the start of make.bat -------
@echo off

:: Author: Stepan A. Baranov (
:: web-site:

set MYPROG=%~n1
@call "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual Studio 8\VC\vcvarsall.bat"

cl /O2 /EHsc /GL /GA /arch:SSE2 /Za /W3 /nologo /MT %MYPROG%.cpp
del "./%MYPROG%.obj"

echo %MYPROG% is compiled
:: ------- the end of make.bat -------

read more from M$ web site (for example, for %f in (*.doc *.txt) do type %f)

©2009 Rosmir - Stepan A. Baranov
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